Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deanna and Interning

Deanna McKinley, Public Relations Coordinator from Frito-Lay North America, did not leave a dull moment when giving insight on her professional life. From internships in New York to moving back home after college- Deanna delivered an incredible story of determination. She gave wonderful advice on the importance of developing individuality in the work place. She stressed the importance of being yourself and following your ambitions, dreams and achieving your goals.
Throughout Deanna's presentation, she continued to emphasize the importance of internships- and I must say, that gave me some reassurance. I have held internships at four different locations throughout my college career in edition to many part-time paid positions. Deanna stated that professional work experience is required to even be considered at Frito-Lay.
I really feel that many college students get caught up in the grades and forget to gain actual work experience. Deanna confirmed my thoughts on the importance of work experience- and I feel that this is something college students should really consider doing while going to school. All you college kids that are reading this- get up and secure an internship if you have not!
For me, interning and working has allowed me to discover what I like- and what I absolutely hate. For example, I was completely set on having a corporate office job. Well, I am so glad that I tested the water on that idea; I strongly dislike working in a cube in the same four walls. I am the type of person that enjoys moving around and talking to people, I must be active to be happy. If I had not taken any internships or work positions, I would have assumed getting a full-time office job was my "dream job" and found out much later how much I disliked the isolation.
Deanna gave fantastic advice for upcoming SMU graduates, and I really enjoyed her presentation. She is fun, fabulous and an asset to Frito-Lay. In edition to her success and positive personality, Deanna remains true to her faith and gives back to the community. Thank you Deanna for excellent advice!